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Which are the Performance Programs?

It is a goal category that offers training programs for preparing a competition in a specific date. Now we have available the following specific activities:

  • Long Distance Road Cycling
  • Bicycle Road Rides
  • Mountain Bike
  • Marathon
  • Half marathon
  • Duathlon


In the near future, our coaches will develop additional goals like Trail Running, 10k, long distance swimming, ….

How does it work?

When filling your Training Profile, you must select  “Cycling / Running” as your main goal, and then, your specific goal. Mootiv Trainer will ask you for the competition date you want to prepare for. When possible, such as Marathon or Half-Marathon, it will also ask you to enter your target running pace, to match the rhythms of your specific workouts to your desired competition pace.

With this information, Mootiv Trainer will set up your training program from the starting date until the day of competition. Depending on the time available, we will establish different training cycles, with different goals and durations for each of them. In addition, it will individually establish your different training zones considering heart rate. All this focused on getting you in your best condition, and ready to compete, on the desired day.

Mootiv will share with you the structure of your training program, with the different cycles classified by dates and the characteristics of each one of them. Some examples of training cycles that you will enjoy depending on your goal, are: Conditioning, Oxidative Capacity, Oxidative Power, Anaerobic Threshold, VO2Max, Competition rhythm, Tapering …

Obviously, there will be a minimum number of days, depending on the goal and time available, for Mootiv Trainer to prepare your training for you. It would not make much sense to request a training program to run a Marathon next week. Therefore, Mootiv Trainer, depending on your profile, and to ensure the program effectiveness, will only offer you a training program if it has the minimum time necessary for it to be effective. If there is not the minimum time necessary to prepare for that competition, it will inform you so that you can select a more appropriate date.

With all this information, Mootiv Trainer will adjust the weekly training days according to your preferences and will design your specific personalized plan. Not only will you have your specific programming, but also accessory workouts designed to prevent injuries, or improve non-specific, but particularly important aspects of your training. Thus, it will prepare for you strength, prevention or flexibility sessions, and will integrate them into your specific program for reaching your goal. You will always be able to see your session corresponding to the day you are in, and those of the rest of that week, so you can plan your availability in advance.

Week after week, your training schedule will evolve, with a variable progression of loads within the same cycle, and automatically moving to your next training cycle at the appropriate time. All this, in order to adjust your condition to compete at your 100% performance on the desired day.

We hope that this new feature, developed by our team of trainers and engineers, will contribute to making your Mootiv experience the most pleasant journey, and help you achieve your goals.