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What are cookies?

Cookie is a file downloaded in your computer when accessing a specific website. Cookies allow a website, among other things, to store and recover information regarding user´s browsing behavior and therefore measure and statistically analyze user´s usage of the service. In order to perform this activity, INTELLIGENT SYSTEM VITALE S.L. analyzes the user´s browsing in our website with the aim to improve user´s experience.


What does, this web site, use cookies for, and what are these cookies?

This web site uses cookies for diverse purposes, including:

a) Analysis

These, are cookies that either managed directly by ourselves or allow us quantify the number of users accessing our web site and thus, measure and analyze statistics related to the service usage. Besides, we analyze the navigation in our web site for improving the user’s experience.

b) Other purposes


How can I deactivate o remove the Cookies??

You can allow, block or eliminate cookies installed in your computer through the option settings in your computer´s web browser.












Other web browsers:

Refer to the installed browser documentation.



The cookies description used in this website is as follow:

Cookie Name Type Purpose More information
Vitale PHPSESSID, consola_item, cliente_login, device_view, hl, isApp, consola, coach_id, cliente_id, user_id, cliente_user_id, acceso_pin, centro_id, gestor_id, counter_id, coach_id, locale_cookie, kiosko-entrenadores, sp, sa, versesion, usuario_asignar, sincoach, nuevo_cliente, doctor_id, fisio_id,
nutricionista_id, asignar, entrenarConsola, popup, paso_a_paso, ocultar_valoracion, modal_entrenar_no, usuario_asignar,
programa_id, cliente_medical_session_id_id, , doctor_id, isApp, oauth_token_secret, oauth_token, cliente_app, lf_item, cliente_medical_user_iddias_cardio, duracion_cardio_x_sesion, ultimo_acceso
Own cookies Keep control of workouts planned and performed by the user, within our system and application.
Google Analytics _ga, _gat, _gid Third party’s cookies Collect information about user’s navigation in the web site, thus knowing traffic stream, source, and similar statistic data. Third parties do not get any personal data like names, or address. Google Analytics

Google’s privacy center



Own Cookies” are used by the owner and publisher itself, and “Third-party cookies” are also used by the service provider detailed in the above table.