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More than just a training App

An intelligent, evolving and
human personal trainer

There are no limits with Mootiv. It helps you improve your fitness, or loose weight and even prevent conditions and injuries. Always focused on improving your health. Science, technology and knowledge combined to help you achieve your goals.

Reach your goals. From zero to infinity

Chat with your real personal trainer to solve doubts and receive suggestions

Workouts designed for your own fitness level and objectives

Adapted to injuries, pathologies, gear or time availability.

Ranking, Mootiv points (score) and workout statistics

and feel better

Your training program, specifically made for you, will help you become the best version of yourself.

Mootiv will lead you with millions of different workouts and with more than 30 different fitness, health and pathologies objectives. For all levels. Mootiv is the answer for all your workout needs.

If you are a fitness professional or a gym owner, and you want to upgrade your services, discover our Program MOOTIV for Partners (multiple choices for workout programs and design, video, chat, testing, costumer feedback, etc.)

Boost your business!

Download it now!